Studio Sessions for the Album “Camburi”

After a quiet long period of song writing we decided to record the new material in January 2013. At the Greve Studios in Berlin we found the perfect place where we could track down the songs with our band. And for the String recordings we were very lucky to had the chance to set up in the Meistersaal, a marvelous  chamber music hall and part of the famous Hansa Studios.
Wolfgang Schiefermair, the sound engineer, did an amazing job and we can’t wait to finally present the new Album. Many thanks to all the musicians for your wonderful talents and inspiring minds!

Lito Tabora, Beba Zanettini: piano & rhodes

Johannes Behr, Felipe Avila, Ben Edgar: electric & acoustic guitars

Diego Pinera, Ale Damasceno: drums

Robby Geerken: congas

Zito Ferreira, Vitor da Trindade: percussion

Judith Koch, Carolin Klingsporn: background vocals

Laura Rubio Lleu, Nicola Nymalm, Roland Bentz: violin

Ellen Marquardt, Roland Bentz: viola

Ladis Cinzek: cello

Lars Dieterich: tenor saxophone & flute

Lukas Fröhlich: trumpet

Stefan Ulrich: trombone