Jagun | The Suffering Of The Gods
Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language.
Sounds Like: Melody Gardot, Marisa Monte - Brazilian MPB singer, Norah Jones, Jobim Antonio Carlos, ZAZ - officiel
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The Suffering Of The Gods

Music by E. Jagun & M. Zacek / Lyrics by E. Jagun 


Once you had an ocean but it turned into a creek
and the tears you’ve cried couldn’t help to bring it back
Orpheus and Poseidon didn’t come to share their tales
lonesome you would stare into the night


You raised your hands up high
prayed to all the gods up in the sky


But still there was no ocean, no fisherman, no tale
but another day was born inside your hands


Once you led a nation but it lost its’ faith in you
cause a crafty baron cursed behind your back
Just a single servant stood there to hold the line
when the fire disappeared inside your eyes 

You raised your hands up high
and prayed to all the gods up in the sky
Soon they showed their mercy by a goddess in disguise 
as a stranger needing shelter in your dorm
You let the nation ride
he cured your heart that was about to die


And said: When you meet somebody on the road with
lonely eyes, take his hands and walk a mile or two 


Eva Jagun – Vocals / Lito Tabora – Piano / Johannes Behr – Acoustic Guitar / Manuel Zacek – Bass / Diego Pinera – Drums / Robby Geerken – Congas / Laura Rubio Lleu – Violin / Nicola Nymalm – Violin/ Ellen Marquardt – Viola Ladis Cinzek – Cello 


Camburi Album