Jagun | Oh Maria
Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language.
Sounds Like: Melody Gardot, Marisa Monte - Brazilian MPB singer, Norah Jones, Jobim Antonio Carlos, ZAZ - officiel
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Oh Maria

Music by E. Jagun & M. Zacek / Lyrics by E. Jagun / horns arrangement by Lars Dieterich 


A desert wind comes to town as you roam under
the stars, far away from your home, wild at heart


One thousand and one night, bare feet on paving stone
souls within reach you take for your own


Like a warrior in dark silken blue
aware of the things that you do
with a beauty that’s unbearable like a lonesome
sirens song


Oh Maria
you enchanted my heart
cause like a lover you came for one single night
to tear us apart


Mother Mary sways in the heat of the night
feel a twinge in my chest, something ain’t right


Rosary beads and hay, colored rags, piles of stone
and his lips so far from mine, where has he gone?


So I run like a waif though the night
‘till the last lonely soul is out of sight
and my desperate heart understands
that he‘s no longer mine


Oh Maria
you enchanted my heart
‘cause like a lover you came for one single night
to tear us apart


Oh Maria
so deceitful and smart
and before I will lose my pride
I‘m leaving back north
leaving back north … .


Camburi Album