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Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language.
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Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language. Yet, this happiness is never sugar-coated. It encounters us with an indulging melancholy. Jagun finds this happiness in in-between spaces: „Now I’m running on the clouds, earth below and skies above, naked feet, my bags are empty, life is light.“ Eva Jagun’s voice smoothly carries us to this in-between place of silent longing. The music is driven by a subtle vividness. Something affects us: a feeling of pure presence, of arriving in ourselves – or just alike: “a way back home”.


Eva Jagun celebrates human encounters in song. Maria, Manuel and Julie are the protagonists of her musical poetry and their life stories root each of Jagun’s tracks in everyday life. And yet, the music surpasses individual tales, contemplating life with tender earnestness. It leaves us with clear, bright and gentle impressions. Impulsive passages in both vocals and brass express this tenderness, illuminating the overwhelming emotions of worldly wisdom.







How does the space of happiness sound – and where can one find it?

In their new album “Camburi,” Jagun passes on this age-old Mystery.

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Music Diary

Sambinhas – Small Works by great Masters

Discovering the Roots of the Brazilian Music History with these wonderful Musicians: Eva Jagun – Vocals Björn Bergek – 7 Strings Guitar Hortense…

Non Stop to Brazil

Beba Zanettini (Piano) and Luiz Delfino from the Association AEMB invited Eva to present our second Album „CAMBURI“ and to accompany Beba introducing…

Single Release “Hoppe Reiter Schaun” by Beba Zanettini

feat. Eva Jagun, Toninho Ferragutti & Manuel Zacek The first Single of Bebas’ upcoming album is now available on itunes store and we…

Impressions from the Show at Castle Lanke

Hier ein paar Fotos von dem wunderbaren Auftritt vor der Kulisse von Schloss Lanke. photos by Uwe Hauth Photography

Video Shoot for “Se O Mundo É Retangular”

We were pretty lucky to catch the first warm and sunny day of 2016 for our video shooting for “Se O Mundo É…

..and the Winner is..

Yeah! Jagun gewinnt mit dem Song “Se O Mundo É Retangular” beim Rock & Pop Preis in der Kategorie Latin-Pop den 1. Platz!Den…

Shows November 2015

It was a great pleasure, playing and touring with Beba Zanettini from Brazil  in November! Beba captures the beauty and spirit of the…

“Starting A New Day”

Starting A New Day – Abschied | Despedida | Farewell  A multi discipline project includig music, dance performances, lyrics and visual arts.  Poems…

Record Release Tour “Camburi” 2014

Some impressions from our Tour through Germany: Many thanks to everybody visiting our concerts in Bordesholm, Kassel, Dottendorf,

Melancholy: Video Shoot

Today we had again the oppertunity to record at beautiful Meistersaal. In the intimate atmosphere with only one guitar and voice we did a live video shoot for the song “Melancholy”. The video, shot and edited by Jann Venherm will be released in Oktober!

Studio Sessions for the Album “Camburi”

After a quiet long period of song writing we decided to record the new material in January 2013. At the Greve Studios in Berlin we found the perfect place where we could track down the songs with our band.

Invitation to Maifest in Sao Paulo

In May 2012 Manuel and I followed our 2nd invitation to play at the Maifest in Sao Paulo. Luis Delfino and the team of AEMB made it again to bring us to the capital of Brazil, where we did 2 shows with our brazilian band.