Jagun | Studio
Jagun’s sounds and stories depict a religion of happiness that is closely tied to life. It is ourselves who are extoled in warm tones and gentle language.
Sounds Like: Melody Gardot, Marisa Monte - Brazilian MPB singer, Norah Jones, Jobim Antonio Carlos, ZAZ - officiel
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Single Release “Hoppe Reiter Schaun” by Beba Zanettini

feat. Eva Jagun, Toninho Ferragutti & Manuel Zacek
The first Single of Bebas’ upcoming album is now available on itunes store and we are happy to be part of it!

“This is probably the first rastapé sung in German and probably also the fastest Children’s Song ever written!”

Have fun and feel free to support the independent music scene by downloading a copy of this song.





This is probably the first rastapé* sung in German. Its story goes back to 2015, when I was in Germany for a season of shows with my dear friends Eva Jagun and Manuel Zacek. Valentina, their adorable little daughter, was three at the time and whenever she saw me using my cell phone she would ask to watch the riders and horses videos. “Hoppe Reiter Schaun”, she would say, that is, “see the riders riding”. Her words became a catchphrase. I returned from Germany with the idea of composing a galloping song, Valentina’s rastapé. Eva wrote the lyrics, which talk about a horse ride through the Alps, and recorded it. Toninho Ferragtti’s accordion is another story altogether.  

*T.’s note: popular balls and the dance music played, literally “footshuffle”.

“Starting A New Day”

Starting A New Day – Abschied | Despedida | Farewell

 A multi discipline project includig music, dance performances, lyrics and visual arts.  Poems in english, german and portuguese by the dancer & coreographer Vinicius are interpretated by  many artists from all over the world.
Jagun contributed 2 songs  for this colorful Album:

“Se O Mundo É Retangular” music by e. jagun & m. zacek
“Monosilabo” music by c. halbach & orson


 On May 17th 2015 the whole project was brought together for the CD Release show at Bennohaus in Münster, D.






„Starting a new day“ ist der Name des deutsch-brasilianischen-englischen CD-Projektes, des Choreografen & Poeten Vinicius. Poster_A3 Mail
Hochkarätige, internationale Künstler/-innen interpretieren die Gedichte von Vinicius zu den Themen Abschied und Neuanfang auf individuelle Weise.
Es entsteht ein musikalisches Meisterwerk mit Einflüssen aus Klassik, Jazz und Pop,
das als poetischer Konzertabend mit Visual Arts-Performance und CD-Veröffentlichung am Sonntag,
den 17.05.2015 um 17 Uhr im Bennohaus Münster mit den beteiligten Künstlern und verschiedenen Tanzgruppen und Tänzern live aufgeführt wurde.
„Starting a new day“ ist eine bewegende poetische CD.






To Order the CD please contact Vinicius directly:











Studio Sessions for the Album “Camburi”

After a quiet long period of song writing we decided to record the new material in January 2013. At the Greve Studios in Berlin we found the perfect place where we could track down the songs with our band. And for the String recordings we were very lucky to had the chance to set up in the Meistersaal, a marvelous  chamber music hall and part of the famous Hansa Studios.
Wolfgang Schiefermair, the sound engineer, did an amazing job and we can’t wait to finally present the new Album. Many thanks to all the musicians for your wonderful talents and inspiring minds!

Lito Tabora, Beba Zanettini: piano & rhodes

Johannes Behr, Felipe Avila, Ben Edgar: electric & acoustic guitars

Diego Pinera, Ale Damasceno: drums

Robby Geerken: congas

Zito Ferreira, Vitor da Trindade: percussion

Judith Koch, Carolin Klingsporn: background vocals

Laura Rubio Lleu, Nicola Nymalm, Roland Bentz: violin

Ellen Marquardt, Roland Bentz: viola

Ladis Cinzek: cello

Lars Dieterich: tenor saxophone & flute

Lukas Fröhlich: trumpet

Stefan Ulrich: trombone